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At Kent Psychologist we offer a range of psychological services including psychological therapy for adults and young people. We specialise in Autism and ADHD assessments for children, teenagers and young adults. We are able to see you at our clinic rooms in Tonbridge in Kent, at your home or via appointments held online.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer at Kent Psychologist or make an appointment in our Tonbridge clinic, please contact us.

Dr Sirja van Zyl

Clinical Psychologist

Leader in Autism Assessments

Dr. Sirja van Zyl offers detailed diagnostics and therapeutic support for children and young people with

Advocate for Neurodevelopmental Support

Passionate about empowering those with developmental challenges through tailored interventions and training.

Deon van Zyl

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Expertise in Psychology

Deon integrates advanced therapeutic methods, including CBT and EMDR, to address complex psychological issues.

Neuropsychological Focus

Specialises in assessments and interventions for traumatic brain injuries, enhancing understanding and rehabilitation.

 Psychology Support – Kent and Online


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We are here to help you navigate your journey towards a better understanding and mental health through compassionate and professional assessment and support.

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